About Prom Photography

Prom Photography.com 2015 Square Logo 2Pierce Brunson started an event photography company that focused on homecomings, proms, and graduations.  The focus was to create a photography product for high that would deliver high quality, creative, and personal images as important school events like prom. What was created was a system that delivers an average of 1200 images per prom that students can access, share, and download for many years without any additional fees.  That company was Firefly Event Photography (see video here).

In January 2015, Modern Photography Group, LLC became the parent company for Firefly Event Photography and PromPhotography.com. PromPhotography.com is the national traveling photography brand of Modern Photography Group, LLC.  Any high school (distance over 150 miles from St. Petersburg, FL) that wants a high quality, valuable product for their entire student body at prom should use PromPhotography.com

PromPhotography.com is a photography company that specializes in high volume prom photography. What is the difference between our company and the ones you are used to? Well,

  1. Unlimited images for everyone at your event.
  2. Images are ready to access within 24 hours.
  3. Images can be downloaded without additional costs.
  4. Multiple backdrops and photography areas to add creativity to your event.
  5. No limited packages. We capture the images the students want.
  6. Unlimited access, sharing, and downloading for one price.
  7. Five years of unlimited free downloading.

We are here to capture the best proms images for your students. Call today to see how we can help you deliver excellence.


Pierce Brunson (727) 599-6153


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