About Pierce Brunson, Owner of PromPhotography.com

The Faces of Pierce BrunsonPierce Brunson is a former high school teacher, author, and “professional” photographer. Many years ago, when he “got back into photography” he noticed that there wasn’t a photographer at his high school’s prom or homecoming. After a inquiry, the school sponsors said that photographers didn’t come out because kids didn’t want to take pictures since they had their own camera on their phones. After accepting this answer he went along with developing his photography skills by coming to the event and taking some snap shots and creative images.

After every event, he would bring the images in the next Monday and the kids would ask for a copy. Being a nice guy he just posted on Facebook. After starting a photography company (Pierce Brunson Photography) Pierce asked his students why they didn’t purchase the photos from the professional photographer. They replied the following…

  1. Why would I buy one or two pics for $45.
  2. Who wants to go to the old creepy pervert or overly excited woman in the back corner of the room?
  3. They take too long to get back. I don’t want to wait a week.
  4. Why would I want a picture of a date I may break up with?
  5. The lines are too long.
  6. I don’t care how many watermarks you put over the pics I am still going to use it on facebook or “the gram.”
  7. It’s like “these companies” like to hijack pics hoping you will pay $50 for your face.

These answers led Pierce to create Firefly Event Photography and a process where every student is positively affected and multiple images are captured for every students that desires the images. After a few years of successful implementation in the Tampa Bay area, Pierce decided to take the photo team out to the best proms around the globe via PromPhotography.com

Pierce Brunson loves delivering great images for high school students. He believes that every student should have access, without being hijacked, to their memories. PromPhotography.com is an experience that students will love. We travel to multiple cities and the team is well trained to capture a ton of great memories.

Contact Pierce at (727) 599-6153 for more information.

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