Client Agreements for Prom Photography

Thank you for your interest in delivering an exciting photography service for your students.  Our process will capture and deliver the best unlimited prom images for you and your students.  Please review our client agreements before we move forward with process.  This will help you decide if the experience is right for you.

1. All sponsors understand that they are requesting photography that involves all of their students.  We do not to individual person packages.  We offer unlimited images for all students.

2. Our cost is rolled into your ticket price you are charging your students.

3. You ticket price may go up by using our service.

4. You must have approval from your administrator in charge of the event before we can start the planning discussions.  General questions are able to be answered at anytime. Due to the detailed nature we can not continue without this written permission.

5. There are no hidden fees with our service.  Unlimited images, access, and downloading is included with every package.

6. We believe that prom photography should be available for every student.

If you understand these agreements and wish to continue building a relationship with please contact us at (727) 599-6153.



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